I am a dedicated and innovative designer with experience in the following:

  • Book cover design
  • Online Publishing
  • Newsletters (and other desktop publishing)
  • Brand creation and concept development
  • Online campaigns
  • Graphic design for your website

If you are interested, please check out our references to get more information about my work.



(Please read important information at the bottom of this page before ordering. If you do not see the item listed below that you are interested in, simply drop me an email to inquire about the item in question.)


COMPANY LOGOS:  $100 -base price (Price subject to change according to the compexity of design asked for)




T-SHIRT DESIGNS:  $40 - base price


CUSTOM BOOK COVERS:  $100 - base price


CUSTOM E-BOOK COVERS:  $35 – base price


CUSTOM ADVERTISEMENTS:(Facebook timelines, etc.)  $35

These advertisements are basically a digital cover that allows you to post on Facebook, blogs, etc. 



Same rules apply to these as to the others above.



These icons usually consist of custom made snippets from your book.  (Weapons, symbols, shields, etc) 

Please note:  If I design a completely unique or never before seen weapon, symbol, or shield, the price increases, since this takes an incredible amount of time and exact descriptions for the objects are needed. It requires communication back and forth between the author and me to get the object to meet specific specifications.






This package includes:

  • Custom book cover
  • Advertisement banner (2)


DREAM PACK:  (Deluxe Cover & Ad package) $175

This package includes:

  • Custom cover 
  • Matching custom timeline for Facebook or Advertisement banner (your choice)
  • Book strip to link to sale pages such as Amazon
  • Book Mark


PHANTASY PACK:  (Best Value) $250

This packade includes:

  • Custom book cover
  • Adverisement/Blog tour banner
  • Facebook Timeline
  • Book strip to link to sale pages such as Amazon
  • Custom Icon of your choice
  • Book Mark

Bonus:  I will also advertise your book on my WordPress Blog, my Facebook page and Twitter when your book is released for a period of no less than two weeks.  Just provide me with a link to your book when it is released.


Additional Information

     The prices of the above listed items are subject to increase if you request hard to find images for your cover.  While most images are fairly easy to come by and are fairly priced; some photos can be expensive to obtain.  This is extremely rare but I need to mention it just so you are informed.

      I only use pictures that I hold permission to use, which means I have to purchase the photograph with the rights to use it.  I do everything I can to find a reasonable price for your images and will not increase the price of your cover unless it is absolutely necessary and will never increase the price without discussing it with the customer first. 

     I would also like to point out up front that I will not redo a cover more than 5 times, without charging additional fees.  I cannot spend time remaking the same cover over and over.  I can't work for free, this is business and I have other orders waiting.  With that being said, I will do my very best to create the cover that you want for your book before reaching that limit.  I realize how important your cover/graphic is to you and will strive to meet your expectations.


* If you are using a publishing house for your book, it would be helpful for me to know what the cover specifications are for the publishing house you will be using.  I have made covers for authors who used a few different publishers but in case I do not have the information, you will need to ask your publisher.


Contact Info

Claudia Trapp-Owner/Graphic Designer




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